The family behind the store

Rusty and Jessica Bonds

Rusty and Jessica opened their outdoor gear and apparel store, Get Outside, in November of 2017. As the name implies, Get Outside's goal is just that - to get people off of their screens and out into the beautiful outdoors. As residents of Murfreesboro since 2008, they are extremely involved in their community and provide a number of opportunities for others to enjoy the outdoors. As they often say, "Our job is to provide the tools necessary for people to go out and build great memories."

Aubrey and Jameson

Aubrey (left) and Jameson are actively involved with Get Outside by printing all of the custom t-shirts and hoodies found online and in the store. With each dollar made from printing the shirts, they are required to divide it up into tithing, giving to a nonprofit each month and keeping some. All are good life lessons.

Pearl and Fiona

Pearl (full name - Minnie Pearl Jam) and Fiona (full name - Princess Fiona Apple) are the official dogs of Get Outside. Both like to sport the line of RuffWear outdoor dog gear available at the store. Pearl is 2 and Fiona is 1. Both girls have the same parents.